Saturday, February 27, 2016

India - Love and Care for Elders, 1988 - First Day Cover

India Post issued a special stamp to highlight the necessity for taking care of elders with love, on 24.5.1988. The FDC issued on the occasion carried a Sanskrit verse from the Sāmānya-nīti which runs as under:

वचांसि कुलवृद्धानां गुरोः पित्रोश्च सर्वदा ।
वेदवत्परिपालयन्ते येन तेन विजीयते ॥
vacāṃsi kulavrddhānāṃ guroḥ pitrośca sarvadā
vedavat paripālayante yena tena vijīyate

He triumphs everywhere who honors as the words of the Vedas, the words of the aged members of the family, the counsel of the preceptor and of the parents always.

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